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Fuel the Mission is a small, non-profit organization that helps missionaries and ministry organizations share the love of God in hard places around the world. A seed planted in 2006 eventually took root in late 2009 when our vision to offer services free-of-charge became a reality.

Fuel the Mission's project locations are diverse, from the Amazon rainforest and the Andes mountains in South America, to various locations in Asia and Africa. We have offered support to both large and small partners who work with a variety of people groups and cultures. 

Over the years, our reach has expanded through the platforms of sports, tutoring, widow care, and emergency aid.

ftm board dec 2019.jpg

​​The team at Fuel the Mission consists of a volunteer Board of Directors with a variety of backgrounds, skills sets, and years of business experience.

Pictured above (from left), the Board members are Christopher Nevins (President), Bob Boscamp (2009-2020), Shane Mustoe, Dave Bonzo, Chaplain Bill Glennie, and Craig Carey.​ Christopher, Janet, and Elijah Nevins (pictured below) founded and administrate the organization.

janet chris elijah 2019.jpg
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