Jai & Sarah


Serving in sports ministry in the areas of camps, clinics, tutoring, leadership training, administration and special projects, Jai and Sarah represent Fuel the Mission in Southeast Asia.


Jai and Sarah met at the end of 2011 when Sarah led a mission team to the other side of the world. Working alongside each other in ministry, they found that their spiritual gifts and talents matched, leading them into an easy friendship. In spite of the distance, Jai and Sarah continued to communicate and support each other in prayer. Two years later, when Sarah returned to the mission field, the two became engaged.


Now married, Jai and Sarah serve the people in their community for the sake of The Gospel. They've given the name "Masala" to their ministries as a symbol of the mixing together of their lives and culture. Sarah writes a blog, Masala Marriage, about their experiences. In addition, Jai and Sarah welcomed their first baby girl, Melody, into the family on January 1, 2017.


Both Jai and Sarah have backgrounds in sports and teaching, which helps them work together to facilitate sports and games programs for children and youth. Many of the children with whom they interact come from the poorest areas of the city: children whose parents are gypsies, kids who live in the slums, and orphans who are considered the most downcast of society. Jai and Sarah seek to bring joy and laughter to these children and most importantly a message of hope, the message of our Saviour, Christ Jesus.