Summer on Fire!

With grateful hearts we report on Chris’s recent trip to southeast Asia and the work of Fuel the Mission. Thank you for both your prayer and financial support, which the Lord is magnificently multiplying in this beautiful land.

You are likely aware of the 54 sports teams, supported annually by many of you, which are thriving and growing. The word of God is taking root in the hearts and lives of hundreds of youth and young adults every week through this ministry. Praise the Lord!

Yet additional, expected opportunities have arisen during the construction and utilization of the sports camp. Surrounded by hundreds of the lowest caste of "snake people" (known for killing poisonous snakes) in 13 villages, the camp site draws not only children hungry for sports, but their entire families. The poor, the outcast and the marginalized, all are welcome here.

After prayerful consideration, the sports camp center has been named CANAAN ACADEMY. Only the Lord knows how many thousands will be served here in His name. Even before the building is completed, this property is a magnet for the hungry and the hopeful. Just a few of the ministries are mentioned here, with more to come!


Ninety-one widows from surrounding villages meet regularly at Canaan Academy to receive gifts of food and Biblical teaching. With the help of a translator, Chris recently shared a message of love and hope with the women. Praise the Lord, over 60 ladies chose to put their faith in Christ! These precious souls face hardships which we cannot imagine. Enduring a life of extreme poverty and cultural rejection, they now cling to unconditional love and hope found in Jesus alone. The widows’ discipleship and food-sharing program will continue each month throughout the year as the Lord provides.


In addition, Chris was asked to share encouragement with nine teachers who direct three after-school tutoring centers supported by Masala Ministries and the local church. Every school day these faithful leaders offer homework help, school supplies, Biblical teaching, songs and activities, and a meal with students who would otherwise be home alone. The love of Jesus infuses these children’s worlds as they receive much-needed practical helps. You may participate in this impactful work by including “Masala Ministries” in the memo of your gifts to Fuel the Mission.


One hundred children out of the 375 in attendance responded to the Gospel message when shared after a day of games and fun at Canaan Academy. This sports hub of activity now regularly draws children and their families from the 13 neighboring villages, in addition to those involved in inner-city teams.

Fuel Sports Asia is prayerfully requesting resources with which to begin providing weekly coaching, mentorship and food offerings to children in these neighboring villages. I Corinthians 13:13 states, “So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” A well-known verse in John 13 emphasizes that others will know we are disciples by our love.

Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring a brand new team of eager youth, who will fall in love with Jesus, learn by example to follow Him and lead this country for the Cause of Christ in years to come? His Love breaks all barriers; His love pierces souls to endure all things to win more for His kingdom. Join us as we #LOVE13 more in His name?


The 8000-square-foot dorm room addition (second floor) to the Canaan Academy multi-purpose building is well underway. So far, $145, 500 has been given, with $117, 950 needed to finish. A matching grant of $23,350 has been committed, a dollar for dollar match! Would you prayerfully consider how your generosity might help us meet this goal?

Soon Fuel Sports Asia will enjoy the privilege of offering overnight accommodations for campers at retreats and tournaments, making this facility one-of-a-kind in this part of the world. Our Lord is blessing this property in untold measure! Thank you to each one who sacrificially gives so that this beacon of Light and Hope shines even more brightly.

You are cordially invited to invest in the lives of countless souls who are craving Truth and Hope in a country of oppression and thousands of false religions. We are simply stunned that Fuel the Mission is blessed with the privilege of partnering with our faithful friends who seize every opportunity to share Christ. Simply select our GIVE page to respond as your heart desires.

Thank you, dearest friends and family.

Chris, Janet & Elijah Nevins

On behalf of our faithful Board of Directors

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