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Fuel the Mission supports a dynamic sports ministry in Southeast Asia's slum communities. In addition to practicing, playing matches, and attending camps, the young athletes meet for regular Bible study and worship in their coaches' homes. The sports ministry is expanding into neighboring countries as a universal platform for sharing Christ. Sports centers serve as ministry hubs for after-school tutoring and widow care outreaches.

Benefits of sports ministry:

1. Many athletes choose to receive God's unconditional love and follow Jesus, often the first in their homes to do so.

2. Neighborhood coaches, who are caring mentors, point the way out of poverty and darkness.

3. Those who might never enter a church are learning truth, self-discipline, Godly values, and Christian character traits while having fun. 

4. Many children go back to school, get off drugs and alcohol, and gain confidence to leave behind lives of crime, violence, and gang associations.

5. Many athletes become responsible young adults who pursue higher education and successful employment; some serve as future coaches.

6. Girls, who are culturally forbidden from playing on city rec fields, may enjoy sports with freedom at the sports camp located outside the city.

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